On this page, you will discover the environment of As Far As The Eye, from the details of each type of terrain to the different mystical places that you may come across during a game. Let yourself be guided.



The plains can contain Rhinofallos, Larmas, birds, spices, peppers, and cereals.

Buildings can only be constructed on plains.

Consumes 1 MP


The forests still contain wood and can also contain mushrooms, birds and pepper.
Forests can catch fire, be careful not to harvest anything in this case!
Consume 2 MP

Jungles always contain wood and may also contain spices, mushrooms and pepper.
Jungles can catch fire if they are adjacent to a flaming forest.
They are also often affected by clouds of mosquitoes.
Consumes 2 MP



Hills can contain pepkins, birds, llarmas and spices but can also contain minerals such as stone or ore.

Consume 2 MP


Mountains can contain mushrooms, llarmas as well as minerals like stone or ore. Mountains can collapse and cause damage to adjacent buildings.
Consume 4 MP

The lakes can accommodate fish.
Lakes freeze during the Frost vagary and can also cause flooding in adjacent hexes.

Cannot be crossed.



Pupils attach great importance to spirituality. Linked to nature and spirits, they have erected sacred structures for millennia aimed at honoring spirits. It is a practice so old that it is not rare to find forgotten vestiges which conceal sometimes terrible secrets.

The Remains are old abandoned structures in which the Pupils can find treasures or curses!

Auras are natural points of interest bursting with magic. They protect the surrounding nature, going as far as preventing the harvesting of certain resources .

Sacred Sites are places of appeal to spirits scattered all over the world. Majestic, they can only be explored once and offer rewards of various natures.



Sacred Sites

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