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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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They seem to float above the ground, their wool ponchos, loving the wind, twirling around their frail bodies. They advance without hurrying, time is a concept that they have mastered to perfection, the latter only flows when you look at it, and they turn their back on it.


Their bodies move in the shade of an immense peaceful beast on which wooden structures flutter with large colorful canvases. Each step of the animal produces the deep sound of a large drum.

The Pupils meet and the clear sounds of chimes echo; they happily discuss the path that awaits them before arriving at the Eye, the circus that will shelter them from the wave that follows them, very close, just behind them.


A FATE is a turn-based 3D solo game in which you manage a nomadic tribe fleeing the cyclical immersion of the land and must go to the center of the world to join a circus called the Eye.

Step by step, the nomads called Pupils must settle, build, harvest, recruit, and prepare to transport the resources necessary for the journey to the next step. Each halt has its share of surprises, hazards, and constraints, but the Pupils are pacifist people; there is no combat in As Far As The Eye.

The player must make choices and constantly arbitrate between their needs, their desires, and their abilities.


The action is placed in an imaginary world in which the Pupils live in harmony with nature and large domestic animals which help them to transport their homes.


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Lauriane Aveline

Creative Director

Narrative Designer


Liam Devin

Art director

Lead 3D Artist


Solune Waterkeyn


Game Designer

Louis Mesnard

2D artist
FX Artist

JB Guironnet

3D artist