Highscore Week is a competition organized by Unexpected which rewards the best score on a given seed in personalized mode on As Far As The Eye.

On October 30, 2020 at 3 p.m. CET, a seed number and specific parameters are given to all players at the same time in the form of a screenshot of the personalized mode page.
All the games are therefore the same for everyone.


  • Players cannot change any parameter other than the color of the map

  • The game must be up to date: 1.0.5 version

  • The entire game must be recorded and transmitted via publicly accessible YouTube or Twitch VOD. At no time should the recording be cut or modified.

  • The link to the last VOD must be sent before 11:59 PM CET on November 8th, 2020. The sending is done on the discord in the channel #highscore-week.

  • Save your logs as we will ask for them in case of doubt (log files path :  C:/users/name/appdata/locallow/Unexpected Studio/As Far As The Eye)

  • You can only submit your best score in each category. 
    Example: If you have the 5 best scores in a category you will only get the highest reward.




  • All journeys are the same.

  • All travel costs are the same.

  • All starting Pupils are the same.

  • All the halts are the same: the resources and the POIs are placed on the same hexagons and are in the same quantities.

  • All Vagaries are the same on the first halt.

  • All POIs have the same effects on the first halt.

  • All recruitments are the same on the first halt.

  • Vagaries and POIs and Pupils to be recruited are different from the second halt for two players who would have played differently.

  • There is no Sigh bonus at the start of a personalized game.



  • TOP 4 - Highest Score (players with the highest general score)
    1st - 250€ Steam Gift Card
    2nd - 200€ Steam Gift Card
    3rd - 150€ Steam Gift Card

    4th - 100€ Steam Gift Card
    5th - 50€ Steam Gift Card


  • TOP 5 - Highest Harmony (players with the highest Harmony score)
    1 As Far As The Eye T-shirt and 25€ Steam Gift Card

  • TOP 5 - Highest Pupils Saved (players with the most Pupils brought to the Eye) 
    1 As Far As The Eye Poster and 25€ Steam Gift Card



  • Can I change my Pupils' names?


  • Can I reroll my Pupils' traits?


  • Can I take a break in the middle of my game?
    Yes, you can, but you must not leave the game and you have to keep recording it during your break.


  • Can I live-stream my progress?
    Yes, do not forget to activate Twitch VODs on your channel or to record at the same time you live-stream to make a YouTube video.


  • How many times can I retry?
    As many times as you wish as long as your VOD is ready to be sent to us on November 8th, 2020 at 11:59 PM CEST.


  • Can I use the wiki or ask for help?
    You can use the wiki and ask for help on the discord for example, but we are not to be held accountable for the informaion you'll get.